Welcome to the most exciting experience the Technion has to offer!

No need for prior experience nor an idea - all disciplines are welcome!

Historically, the 3DS application process is quite competitive, with successive filtering of the application pool across two review rounds. An initial review is conducted using the below written application; stronger applicants will proceed to additional rounds of in-person interviews. By historical norms, the final composition of participants reflects ~33% of original applicants.

The below application provides insight into your experience, outlook, and personal character; as such, it is a critical element of the larger application procedure. You are well advised to consider your submission with care and thoughtfulness and ensure it demonstrates your specific capabilities – whether technical, managerial, creative, or whatnot – and the passion and energy that you might bring to lead your potential future team to success in our event.Please put time to the application as it is our only initial measurefor filtering.

Please note that Technion 3DS only considers applications on an individual basis, and doesnotreview applications from pre-established teams. Multiple members of an existing team are welcome, of course, to individually apply for participation; each such application will be considered, and ultimately accepted, on its own merits.

We look forward to your application, wish you well in all your entrepreneurship endeavors, and hope to see you as part of our event in January, 2020.

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