2019 Technion 3DS Organizing Team

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Technion Faculty of Electrical Engineering
Technion Faculty of Computer Science
Technion Faculty of Architecture and Town Planning
Technion Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
Technion Faculty of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Technion Faculty of Medicine
Technion MBA Program
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Organizing Committee

ChairmanShai HaimTechnion EE (alumnus)chairman@technion3ds.org
RecruitingTechnion EErecruiting@technion3ds.org
SponsorshipShai HaimTechnion EEsponsorship@technion3ds.org

3DS Event Goals

The event is designed with two specific goals in mind: kick-start new student-run companies and build entrepreneurial capabilities in students and their university communities.

For students, 3-Day Startup is an intensely fun way to learn about startups and executing on business ideas by cramming semesters’ worth of learning into three days. You connect with cofounders, make friends, drink too much caffeine, andlearn by doing. If you are excited by this idea,apply now.

For administrators and professors, 3-Day Startup is an academic program designed to teach entrepreneurial skills in an extreme hands- on environment. The 3DS program creates a living entrepreneurship laboratory on university campuses by bringing together students ranging from freshmen to freshly-minted PhDs with diverse backgrounds, including computer science, business, engineering, law, design, communications and others. Participants gain experience in cross- disciplinary collaboration, brainstorming and ideation, and group productivity, including ad-hoc leadership and decision-making under severe time constraints. The resulting experience is just like that of working with a budding startup company. The 2000+ 3DS alumni from 40 events over the last four years have started 28 technology companies that have collectively raised over $8 million in investment capital.

For sponsors, 3-Day Startup is a way to reach desirable audiences and encourage a tested, proven, and exciting model for entrepreneurship education. If you are interested in sponsoring 3-Day Startup, learn morehere.

2019 Mentors & Panelists

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Global 3DS History

In January, 2008,a group of studentsfounded3-Day Startupat the University of Texas at Austin, which is the home of the flagship 3DS event. Over the past four years, the program has spread from semester events at the University of Texas at Austin to other schools in Texas, New York, Louisiana, Massachusetts, Florida, Alaska, Wisconsin, and Rhode Island. Beyond the United States, 3-Day Startup operates successful programs in Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, France, Portugal, Israel, China, and Chile.

3 Day Startup, Inc., is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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